Family Handbook


Welcome to Davis Aquadarts and the world of swimming! We have a history of being one of the finest teams in the Sierra Nevada Area and our swimmers, coaches and parents are all proud of our accomplishments. Whether it's swimming to experience the challenges, joys and rewards of individual and team competition, or swimming just to stay in shape, there's a place for you in the Aquadart program.

Club Accomplishments

·          A history of ranking swimmers top 10 in the US and top 100 of All-time in the US

·          A history of swimmers achieving college swimming opportunities and scholarships

·          A history of sending swimmers and achieving success on the USA National level

·          A history of top three finishes in our Sierra Nevada LSC championships including winning it multiple times

Programs Offered

The Aquadart program offers opportunities for all level of swimmers from elite to fun and recreational.  We have swimmers striving to achieve the highest levels possible in the sport of swimming.  We also have one of the largest recreational programs in California that focuses solely on learning skills, fitness, and having fun.  We have a place for you! 


1.    Aquadarts  

a.     This is a yr round program offering training groups that vary from national level swimmers to beginners.  Swimmers can join at any time of the year. 

2.    Seasonal Programs

a.     Falldarts – This is fall program designed to introduce swimmers into the Aquadart program.  It runs between 8 &12 weeks and focuses on stroke technique.  Swimmers are welcome to join Aquadarts at the end of the Falldart session

b.     Springdarts – This is a spring program designed to introduce swimmers to Aquadarts and get a head start on the summer swim season.  Swimmers can choose between an 8 and 12 week session. Swimmers are able to join Aquadarts or Summerdarts at the end of the spring session. 

3.    Summer Recreational Team (Summerdarts)

a.     Summerdarts is a recreational fun summer swim program.  We have around 500 swimmers that participate in this program.  It is a great summer experience designed to introduce the swim team experience while learning to become a stronger swimmer.  Emphasis is placed around stroke technique and learning swimming skills. 


We believe that swimming is a multifaceted experience in self-awareness. The physical, mental, social and emotional experiences within each swimmer can combine to produce results far greater than the sport itself.


The Davis Aquadarts will achieve excellence through individualized growth and team unity by providing quality leadership and instruction. We maintain a safe team environment where every swimmer is encouraged to build friendships, work hard and have fun in the process of their development. We provide the motivation and discipline necessary to develop self-esteem, resulting in a winning experience.