Spring Swim Lessons


                        Spring Swim School 

Registration will open here March 14th 

We are continuing to expand our swim program and are happy to be offering more lessons, groups and times this Spring. 
Dates: Session 1: April 12-April 28 on Tues, Wed and Thurs
             Session 2: May 3-May 19 on Tues, Wed and Thurs
Location: Community Pool
Price: $120/session 
Below are the groups offered and what times they are offered. Please email Jamie at for any questions. 
Groups offered: 
Pollywog (2-3 year olds): This is for beginner swimmers, 2:1 ratio. 
Tadpole (3-5 year olds): This is another beginner group for children who are willing to get in the pool but have few other swimmings skills. 3:1 ratio
Otter (3-5 year olds): Children in this group must have passed Tadpole or be able to float on their back and stomach without assistance and do freestyle and backstroke arms with assistance. 3:1 ratio
Starfish (6-8 year olds): This is a beginning group for children in this age range. 4:1 ratio.
Guppy (6-8 year olds): Children in this group must have passed Starfish or be able to swim freestyle and backstroke 10 yards without assistance. Children in this group should be comfortable lifting their head to breathe. 4:1 ratio
Lessons times and groups offered:
3:20-3:50: Tadpole (2 groups), Otter, Starfish (2 groups) and Guppy (2 groups)
4:00-4:30: Pollywog, Tadpole (2 groups), Otter (2 groups), Starfish and Guppy
4:40-5:10: Tadpole, Otter (2 groups), Starfish (2 groups) and Guppy (2 groups)
We reserve the right to change groups around if sign ups are low. 
New: We are hoping to offer lessons in the morning at 11 and/or 11:30 this would include Pollywog, Tadpole and/or Otter. Please email if you are interested in this time!
New: Private lessons will be offered from 2-3 on Wednesdays. This is a time for swimmers to get special attention and work on specific skills. These lessons will be with swim instructors from our swim school. These lessons will be for 25 minutes and cost $30.

If you are looking for something more advanced please click here for information on Springdarts and Minidarts